december 2021 is here

and it's time to eat the season

Wild Deer management continues to gather pace throughout the winter months which means top-quality sustainable wild venison.

Nationwide deliveries via UPS so you can order a fresh hamper of venison direct to your door.

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"As good as anything I have ever had in any restaurant in the world, ever"

Chris Evans

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A selection of venison cuts from a single species delivered direct to your door, perfect for the party season.

Cooking Tips

The Christmas Loin Special comes with full cooking instructions
so it’s easy to impress your friends and family.

Need some help cooking your venison loin? Why not download our cooking tips to help create a culinary feast!

How wild is our Wild Venison watch this!!!
Roasted Rack with a side of fangs!

As good as any Chateaubriand, any fillet, any T bone I have ever had

Chris Evans