Venison Shoulder

A more affordable cut of Venison, Shoulder remains a very versatile Venison option. It's perfect for slow-cooked dishes; benefitting from the additional flavour due to the presence of the bone - this meat is often used in casseroles. Boneless Shoulder is also available.

Wild Venison Shoulder On The Bone

Wild Venison Shoulder On The Bone

If you have been worried that a fillet may be too rich and a haunch is too large then a shoulder joint is the answer. Supplied with just the blade it is easy to de-bone and dice for casserole or to roast as a whole joint. Again as with the haunch the secret is in the length of time taken to marinade and cook the joint. Shoulders are sold individually so why not order two and cook one and freeze one. Rolled shoulder available on request but strictly to order.

Wild Venison Shoulder Roasting Joint

Wild Venison Shoulder Roasting Joint

Forequarter supplied boned, rolled and tied.


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Venison Spit Roast Service

Venison Spit Roast Service